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Our kittens

Our kittens are members of our family, that is why we choose their new owners very carefully. The kittens stay with their mother until the tender age of twelve weeks, so that they have received all the nutrients and care that will allow them to share a happy and carefree life with you. They will come into your arms fully vaccinated and dewormed, and provided with an ID-Chip with their international identification number. Of course you will also receive the health documents of your new furry friend, its ID documents, and its pedigree, which certifies that your kitten is purebred and trails its ancestors in three generations. All of our kittens are given with a written contract through which the new owner is obligated to ensure their well-being,care in case of illness,annual vaccination and to spay/neuter them when they come of age. In case any of the above conditions of the contract is not met, we have the right to relocate the kitten with its former family. We prefer to know our little cat’s new family in person, so if you have been enchanted by one of our kittens, you will be more than welcome in our town. We also like keeping in contact with our kittens and follow them through their new lives even when they have left our family and home. Feel free to contact us about any questions you may have concerning our kittens,our breeding philosophy or any other matter of your interest.



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