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Available kittens

Our "..." litter


There are no kittens available for adoption right now. If you are interested in our upcoming litters, check out our "Future plans" page.

If you wish to see babies born in our cattery in the past, browse our "Past litters" page.


Available: The kitten has not found its home yet.Feel free to contact us via our contact form,e-mail or telephone.

Option: There has been serious interest in the kitten,but nothing is decided yet. Feel free to contact us via our contact form,e-mail or telephone.

Promised: The kitten has already found its family and will move in his new home when it reaches the right age.

Group photos

A kitten from our cattery:

  • is at least 12 weeks when it  joins its new family

  • is registered in Felis Belgica/FIFe and has a pedigree

  • is adopted with a written contract

  • is fully vaccinated and treated for parasites

  • has a microchip ID

  • has a vaccination booklet and/or passport

  • is accompanied by its parents' health tests


We would also like to underline that we do not sell kittens to people we only know via the internet and we do not ship unaccompanied kittens. You can of course send us an introductory e-mail with information about you,your home and family, but it is essential that we meet in person so that we can decide if the kitten is right for you,and if you are right for the kitten. :-)

You can find more information about our kitten policy ​ here.

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