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A few words about us

It all started in 2009,when after a lot of thought and after falling in love with the Norwegian Forest Cat,we decided to make Breena (Titran's Brunhilde) a part of our family,and give others the chance to live with such extraordinary creatures too. Our cattery was named after Elvenstar, the star of the Elves. The myth claims that the seven-pointed star keeps us in touch with their magical world, and is a symbol of childhood and dreams.

Our cattery is located in a small Greek city situated by the sea, Volos. Our cats and us live under the charm of the Greek sun, the deep blue sea and the mountain of the ancient Centaurs, Pelion.

Our cats enjoy the warmth of family life, the best medical care a big city offers, combined with a carefree life in the natural environment of a city just some steps away from the mountain.In this way, they become social without loosing the feline instinct of a cat just coming back from its walk in the woods.

Our cattery belongs to Felis Belgica, a club of FIFe, and strictly complies with its rules. I am also a proud member of the Breed Council of FIFe. Our cattery was the first in the Balkans certified with the third level of Pawpeds academy. If you want to know more about Pawpeds and its courses,press on one of the rosettes.

Cats naturally avoid drinking water,as they get all the hydration they need from their prey.To make sure our cats always have fresh water available,that encourages them to drink more,apart from water bowls in almost every room,we also have two cat fountains,from Catit designs.Our cats love them!

We put a lot of emphasis on our cats' nutrition,choosing low and no grain dry food,with high protein levels,while incorporating high quality wet food,raw veal,boiled chicken and fish,in their weekly menu.Our cats and kittens also enjoy greek yoghurt and eggs as a treat!

Do you want to see some moments of our everyday life?Click here!


The breed

A Viking cat with golden heart

Norwegian Forest cats are present in the some of the oldest Scandinavian myths, where they chase away elves from farm houses, are keepers of the precious butter, and turn into fairies whenever they move away from the indiscreet human eyes. In fact, one of the many fairy tales in which a wegie is said to be the protagonist, is the famous “Puss in Boots”. Their astonishing size and their magical gaze connected them with the gods. Two very large cats were pulling Freya’s-the goddess of love- chariot, while she was crossing the skies. Those cats were a present from her husband, Thor, who could not manage to lift them when Loki challenged him, although he was one of the strongest gods. Their hunting abilities were greatly appreciated by the Vikings, who chose them as their fellow-travelers for their long journeys, to protect them from pests.

It is a large breed, with the males reaching 10 kilos of weight. Their body development is usually complete by the age of four years. Their muscular body is covered by thick coat usually in tabby pattern, although there are many other acceptable colours such as blue, black, white, bicolor etc. Their eyes can be from deep blue to vivid emerald or copper, depending on the coat colour. Their triangular head, their ears-wide at base and ending in graceful lynx tips-with tufts inside, their strong chin, straight profile, their long and fluffy tail, together with their heavy built and of course their thick mane, give them the fascinating look of a big feline.

However, they are very fond of human company, as well as the company of other animals. They are really social cats that become very protective of their family members and adjust very well to new surroundings. As they are very patient and confident, they are great company for children, and an ideal breed for families. In fact it is said that they are so addictive, that if one lives with a Norwegian Forest cat, cannot simply resist the temptation of having more!

Our cats

Our cats come from different countries,after thourough research regarding their breeding lines,their morphology,their health,the ethics of their breeders, and most of all,after hearing our heart.

Navigate our site and admire our Kings,the proud fathers of our little treasures. You can also "meet" our Queens,the mothers of the sweet kittens born in our home from time to time. Each and every one of them has been chosen very carefully for her pedigree, her breeding standards, but above all, for the way she has spoken to our heart. Each queen has only one or two litters per year, as we do not want to tire them.

Our cats are firstly members of our family,and secondly breeding cats. As a result,the cats that are no longer part of our breeding plans,and have been neutered, continue living with us,and enjoy their carefree life.

Finally,as life also has its sad moments, you can also see our cat angels,who will always live in our heart.


Contact us

Volos,Greece, +30 6973576011

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We will be happy to answer all your inquiries.

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